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The Health Rights Alliance Professionals Coalition is a private and confidential action and support group comprising of vetted medical, science and healthcare professionals, allied health practitioners, legal experts and activists.

We have joined forces to work together on strategic direction for the Health Rights Alliance movement. We strive to support one another in our collective aims, objectives and struggles through the COVID-19 response and commit to defending justice in other challenges arising that threaten our health, our liberty and our collective obligations to truth and responsibility.


Privacy is of utmost importance to our Health Rights Alliance professionals, and it is a requirement of members’ involvement not to disclose the identities of the professionals in the group. This requirement is securitised with a non disclosure agreement upon acceptance to the group, and breaching these terms of membership is cause for termination of involvement with Health Rights Alliance.

The level of anonymity in your interactions with other members of the group (aside from facilitators and admin) is something completely within your control. Communication happens via Telegram and group email, through which you can use an alias profile name and email address. Weekly closed group Zoom meetings are held, and should you choose to attend you have the option to use first and last name initials on these calls and to keep your camera off for the duration of the session.

Storage of your details is strictly for group administration and coordination purposes.



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“Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice or self-denial.”

Martin Luther King

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