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About Health Rights Alliance

Health Rights Alliance is a group of passionately concerned human rights activists and health, medical and legal professionals from all around Australia, coming together for the cause of defending the most fundamental of human rights and freedoms.

The ability to make informed choices for one’s own self and family is the core principle that builds a self respecting society. We aim to ensure the right to health and civil liberty is upheld and protected as a fundamental guarantee of human life.

Through education and the courage of collaborative efforts of liberation, we strive to ensure that our inalienable health and human rights are defended through advocacy and practice of the indispensable principles of accountability, integrity, transparency and responsibility.

We endeavour to uphold and protect rights to informed consent, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, medical privacy, truth, transparency, and the freedom to choose for one’s own self and family. This is the hallmark of a responsibly humane and compassionate society that our activists and representatives advocate for. We will not rest until humanity, compassion and responsibility is established for the defence of our birthright to health, wellness and happiness.

Our Membership Options

Level 1 - Supporting Member

As a Supporting Member, your contribution to the Health Rights Alliance movement is donation only assistance. You will not be expected to volunteer your time on projects or campaigns, but are encouraged to take part in our online and offline support communities, and attend protests, rallies and events.

Suited to: people with busy schedules who cannot commit their time but want to help out the movement in other ways.

Level 2 - Volunteer Member

Volunteer Members are called upon to carry out specific tasks for events, protests and campaigns – such as event marshalling, handing out flyers, doing letter box drops, promoting HRA campaigns and events online or moderating social media platforms, and helping out at information stalls. This is a minimum commitment role that you can work in around your schedule demands.

Suited to: people with busy schedules who have weekend availability to participate in event volunteer requirements every few weeks or when available.

Level 3 - Action Member

Our Action Member roles are for those who are more serious about helping drive the direction of the cause, and able to commit several hours per week into investing their skills and assistance for specific tasks, strategic projects and campaigns devised to help reach the organisation’s goals and objectives. Involvement may include working on projects for marketing, medical research, content development, state level events, graphics, legal solutions, political lobbying etc.

Suited to: those very active and/or passionate in their existing pursuit for social change who are looking for more direction and structure to push their efforts further; people who have several hours per week to invest in action group communication and task fulfilment.

Level 4 - Organising Member

You can progress to an Organising Member role once you have participated as an Action Member for a period of time. Organising Member roles assist with management, organisation, strategic planning and decision making at a leadership level. As an Organising Member you would be part of a team overseeing the operations of all Health Rights Alliance activities to ensure success in line with our mission and vision statement. You would be required to attend regular in-person or remote organising meetings. It is usually an expectation for Organising Members to also participate in action groups on specific operational projects, or to oversee the progress of Action Member groups as a team leader.

Suited to: individuals with a high level commitment to fighting for change for the Health Rights cause, who are looking for ways to direct their energy, passion and skills into strategic operations that will make big impacts.

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Your Data Security:

The information collected in this document will be kept secure for group administration and coordination purposes only, and will not be shared with others within or outside of Health Rights Alliance without your express permission.

"Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice or self-denial."

Martin Luther King