Organising member application

Become an Organising Member

Organising Member roles assist with management, organisation, strategic planning and decision making at a leadership level.

As an Organising Member you would be part of a team overseeing the operations of all Health Rights Alliance activities to ensure success in line with our mission and vision statement. You would be required to attend regular in-person or remote organising meetings.

It is an expectation for Organising Members to also participate in action groups on specific operational projects, or to oversee the progress of Action Member groups as a team leader.

Suited to: individuals with a high level commitment to fighting for change for the Health Rights cause, who are looking for ways to direct their energy, passion and skills into strategic operations that will make big impacts.

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Your Data Security:

The information collected in this document will be kept secure for group administration and coordination purposes only, and will not be shared with others within or outside of Health Rights Alliance without your express permission.

"Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice or self-denial."

Martin Luther King